After two weeks of running, I am beginning to feel good.  I have added one day each of speed work and hill training.  I also have two days of strength training and weigh lifting along with just 3 days of running.  Today I added in a hill at the end of my 4 mile run and I didn’t have to work hard!  This is a good sign.  The hill wasn’t a huge one but still a hill and at the end of the run.

Training in Minnesota has been tough – we received 6 inches of snow last weekend so the trails are now icy.  The weather reports are calling for more snow this weekend.  I pray they are wrong. 

For now, I just need to keep pushing through and get in as good as shape as possible before I begin the 18 week push towards Chicago.  I am really excited and have found muscles that I forgot I had!  I haven’t worked this hard since I was competing in High School and college!